yours truly, me
period comma stop
dear february
thank you henri
lil’ thank you to henri
Each Morning Singing (Ms Peggy P)
Floating Sticks Carefully
Little Nest In Blue
Only A Few And Down 1
Only A Few And Down 2
Out Of Nowhere Carefully
Smiling Stand A Sun 1
Smiling Stand A Sun 2
Smiling Stand A Sun 3
Spring Out Of Order
Sun Always Sing
The Snow Carefully Imagines Flowers
Whatever A Moon
not even the rain, suddenly
more like a snow flower
wind up springs wheels
numbers slowly move
little tree
little nest 1
little nest 2
little nest 3
it happens 1
it happens 2
it happens 3
glad and small 1
glad and small 2
glad and small 3
The Sky Was
The Moon Is Hiding In
Summer On Nantucket
Raise The Shade
In Time Of Daffodils
I Am So Glad And Very
Even a Pencil Has Fear To
Between Green
Because It's Spring
As Is The Sea Marvelous
Very Beautifully, Everywhere 3
Very Beautifully, Everywhere 2
Very Beautifully, Everywhere 1